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We are a firm of Chartered Financial Planners, offering high-quality, whole of market Independent Financial Advice to individuals, companies and trustees.

No matter who you are, what you do, or how much you earn, long-term financial security for you and your family can be greatly enhanced by speaking with experts.

The problem is that there are so many companies claiming to have the best financial products and investments. With so much on offer, it’s hard to be sure of making the right choices.

At Vesta Wealth, we recognise the importance of selecting the right financial products and investments. We also know that it takes a financial expert to weigh up all the issues and make effective decisions. That’s why we have developed our financial planning service, enabling our clients to take full advantage of Vesta Wealth’s experience and expertise. We are also investment managers, which allows us to offer our own investment solutions, where appropriate.

Latest News

Investment market update – November 2021

We have said before that investment markets do not like uncertainty; increasing the number of variables makes it more difficult to forecast the outlook for companies and markets, leading to increased volatility. Although markets are facing a number of questions Read more

November 25, 2021

How to protect against inflation

You may have heard news that UK inflation is on the rise. The Bank of England (BoE) sets the target rate at 2%, yet the most recent figures show that prices have risen in the UK economy by 4.2% over Read more

November 18, 2021

Can you “have it all” in retirement?

For many people, the dream retirement is to be mortgage and debt free with an income or savings to support a lifestyle involving regular travel, meals out and cultural activities such as visiting the theatre. They think about a long Read more

November 11, 2021